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Omaha Climate Resiliency Summit 2024

Omaha Climate Resiliency Summit 2024

On April 2, 2024, Conservation Nebraska held its annual Conservation Summit. This year, partnering with Sustainable Creighton and the Public Health Association of Nebraska, our theme focused on climate resiliency in Omaha and what community members can do in their communities.

Featuring speakers from a wide array of backgrounds and organizations, the summit provided opportunities for engagement, education, and advocacy. 

The Omaha Climate Resiliency Summit kicked off with an afternoon of sessions featuring speakers from Omaha Public Power District, Papio Missouri Natural Resource District, the University of Nebraska, the City of Omaha, and many more organizations. 

A few recordings from various afternoon session are provided below: 

We kicked off our evening session with a panel session featuring leaders from the Omaha Metro. Joining us on stage was Dr. Jesse Belle (UNMC), Ted Redmond (paleBLUEdot), Marco Floreani (Deputy Chief of Staff, City of Omaha), Robert Laroco (City of Omaha), and Pete Festersen (Omaha City Council Chair). 

The panel discussed the importance of the Omaha City Climate Action Plan, which is currently in development, and how the community members can be involved. 

A recording of the panel session can be found here >>> 

Thank you to our Omaha Climate Resiliency Summit sponsors!