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Our Programs

Common Ground Education Program

In 2016, Conservation Nebraska started the Common Ground Program, which educates Nebraskans across the state about conservation issues facing their communities and provides them with the tools they need to improve their local environment. Through locally-led education efforts and community engagement, the Common Ground Program works with Nebraskans to address local conservation concerns. 

Educational Events

Throughout the year, we are hosting conservation-focused programs and conversations across the state. The topics discussed at these events include (but are not limited to) clean energy, water quality and conservation, soil health, environmental justice, and land stewardship. At these events, we are reaching people who are passionate about conservation but have never before been involved in their community to make a difference on behalf of the environment.


We have formalized partnerships with various organizations across the state. In addition, we have partnered with more than 175 organizations to host educational programs and support our common work. We are reaching out not just to organizations that focus on conservation, but also to organizations that serve the community in other ways. For example, we have connected not only with Natural Resource Districts, University Extensions, and Public Power Districts, but also with Chambers of Commerce, Public Health Departments, and social service organizations. 


An important component of the Common Ground Program is canvassing door to door to meet people where they are. This is important because Common Ground isn't just about engaging people who are already passionate about the environment. This program is about building connections with Nebraskans who are not knowledgeable or concerned about our environment and growing the base of people across the state who see themselves as conservationists.