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Affordable Clean Energy Plan

Save money today, while building a healthier tomorrow!

We all want to do our part to create a safer, healthier, more resilient future, and now we can. Thanks to the Affordable Clean Energy Plan, families, like yours, can make major home purchases - things like solar panels, electric appliances, energy efficiency measures, and much more - with major cost savings. 

Benefits available now

Whether you want to make upgrades to you home now or save for big projects in the future, for the next ten years, you can save money on things like solar panels, battery storage, electric appliances, energy efficiency measures, and more.

Want to save money?

Use this calculator from Rewiring America to find out the saving available to you through the Affordable Clean Energy Plan. 


Benefits available

Additional local benefits may also apply! Learn more by visiting: 

Schedule a home energy rating today

Not sure where to start? Schedule a home energy rating, completed by a Certified Home Energy Rater, to receive an evaluation of the efficiency of your home. The evaluation will give you a detailed report that can help guide you on your home energy efficiency improvements. 

Learn more about home energy ratings and find a Certified Home Energy Rater, by visiting the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy.

Renters Benefits

Order a Free Energy-Saving Pack from Focus on Energy. Available items include LED bulbs, high-efficiency shower heads, water saving faucet aerators, and more. 

Learn more by visiting their website. 

Landlord Resources

Are you a landlord? All of these benefits are available to you too. Keep your costs low for you and your tenants, and make your properties the place to be. 

Resources and Links

If you want to learn even more about the Affordable Clean Energy Plan and how it can help you, your community, school, or business, check out these links: