Thanks for everything you do on behalf of Nebraska’s natural resources. You help ensure the protection of our state’s natural environment for future generations.

This month, we need your help in order to ensure a healthy democracy that brings together people of diverse political values, but for whom conservation is a uniting force. That’s why we’re striving to raise $5,000 before May 30, 2019 through Give to Lincoln Day and Omaha Gives!.

Now more than ever, it is critical that Nebraskans understand the implications of climate change on our state and its economy. Conservation Nebraska is building a network of local conservation leaders across the state to expand clean energy and serve communities that are facing unique conservation challenges. Below are the programs that your donation will sustain:

Common Ground: As of today, Common Ground has 20 AmeriCorps members on the ground serving in 25 communities across Nebraska, hosting conservation education events, canvassing the public to learn about their deepest community concerns, and implementing local projects that will improve community vitality. We have found Nebraskans united in their love for the outdoors and concern about the political division in our country. Our goal is to translate their concerns into a shared conservation ethic that will overcome political division and protect our natural resources for years to come.

Clean Energy For All: With new clean energy majorities governing Nebraska’s three main electric utilities, Nebraska is at a critical juncture for finally embracing its clean energy potential. In the coming years we will be advocating for 100% clean energy in Nebraska, garnering public support for these robust clean energy policies to ensure clean, pollution-free communities for Nebraska.

Nebraska Conservation Summit: Every year, we provide Nebraskans with research and updates of current events that affect environmental conservation in our state. By inviting Nebraskans to come together for the sake of identifying climate solutions that work for our state, we are turning Nebraska values into conservation priorities.

We wouldn’t be able to do any of this work without your support. Will you contribute to our Give to Lincoln goal of $5,000 to help us strengthen Nebraska’s conservation ethic?

By giving to Conservation Nebraska, formerly known as the Nebraska Conservation Education Fund, your support goes one step further. Every donation makes a bigger impact on Give to Lincoln Day because nonprofits get a proportional share of a $450,000 match fund made possible by the Lincoln Community Foundation and generous sponsors.

If you can help us with a donation of $35, $50, or $100, we can continue to organize Nebraskans to embrace our clean energy potential, ensuring that our communities are safe and pollution-free. Donate before May 30, and your gift will help us secure a healthy future for Nebraska.

Thanks for all you do to support environmental conservation in Nebraska. You play a critical role in protecting our natural resources for future generations.