During the month of April, Crete Public Schools teamed up with Conservation Nebraska for an Earth Day Art Contest, where students from the intermediate, middle, and high school designed and created art out of disposable materials. We are excited to highlight and recognize the winners below — check out some of their amazing recycled artwork!

The winner from the intermediate After School Program was Alejandra, who constructed a hot air balloon on top of an earth made out of a tissue box.

Intermediate After School Program winner Alejandra (right), with her project standing with Conservation Directors Moira (middle) and Sophia (left).

The middle school art class created colorful glass-imitating sculptures made from used water bottles. The winners of this class include Alizangela (Ali) (1st Place), Kynleigh (2nd Place), Kimberli (3rd Place), Emma (Honorable Mention), and Roselia (Honorable Mention).

Middle school art class winners on display at the Crete Public Library – from left to right. 1st place winner: Alizangela (Ali), 2nd place winner: Kynleigh, 3rd place winner: Kimberli, Honorable Mention: Emma, Honorable Mention: Roselia

The middle After School Program used the technique of rolled paper in their art, with the winners being Amory and Maria.

Middle After School Program winners Maria (left) and Amory (right), alson on display at the Crete Public Library.

You can view this art, along with the winners of the middle school art class, at the Crete Public Library.

Finally, the high school visual art students, used materials such as foam, cardboard, and even live plants in their artwork.  First place winner was Lina with “The Rising of a Fallen Angel”, 2nd place was Jaiden with “Skullivan”, and 3rd place went to Jahn with “Pseudo-food”. This artwork is on display by the high school front entrance.

High school art contest winner who will have their winning entries displayed by the high school front entrance – from left to right. 2nd place winner: Jaiden with “Skullivan,” 1st place winner: Lina with “The Rising of a Fallen Angel,” and 3rd place winner: Jahn with “Pseudo-food.”
A closer look at Lina’s “The Rising of a Fallen Angel”
A closer look at Jaiden’s “Skullivan”
A closer look at Jahn’s “Pseudo-food”

Thank you to all of the students who participated and congratulations to our winners! A special thank you to our partners and sponsors who donated prizes for our winners including: the Crete area Dairy Queen, Valentino’s Pizzeria, and Runza.