Meet Henry Glynn, one of Conservation Nebraska’s summer AmeriCorps members. Born in the vibrant southwestern river community of Grand Junction, Colorado, respect for nature immediately became a defining theme in Henry’s life. Growing up in Sabetha, Kansas, a community of only 2,500 people, provided unique avenues for Henry to explore the admiration he had for his surroundings. 

“From a young age, I was able to witness the simple power of fertile ground and a functioning ecosystem, watching corn and soybeans sprout from the dirt and change the entire landscape over the course of the summer.”

Throughout his childhood, Henry felt very connected to his natural surroundings. As an Eagle Scout, he spent countless hours hiking and camping around lakes, rivers, forests, and even mountains. These experiences, in addition to numerous community service events where he was able to clean up Sabetha, shaped Henry’s appreciation for sustainability and conservation. Now a rising sophomore at Creighton University, he is exploring new ways to protect the environment through membership in the university’s student government, serving on the Sustainability Committee. 

“My newfound passion for sustainability in Omaha led me to this AmeriCorps position; it’s a perfect opportunity to serve the community and expand my knowledge of sustainability.”

Through service in the Common Ground program, Henry hopes to emphasize the importance of taking climate action in every community across both Nebraska and the world.

 “Today’s youth are ready to take responsibility for our surroundings, even if that means sacrificing some comfort and making hard choices. Sustainability needs to be of top priority everywhere, starting right here in Omaha.”

Henry finds it rewarding when people recognize climate change and adjust their behaviors to be more environmentally-friendly.

Henry serves the northeast region of Nebraska, based largely out of Omaha. Some prominent conservation issues in the region include water pollution, air pollution, and soil quality. Conservation Nebraska’s Common Ground program is teaching Henry that sustainability and conservation are directly related to the quality of life – the healthier your surroundings, the healthier you’ll be. By working together for the betterment of all people and our surroundings as one joint venture, we will create a more just world for each other.