Meet Brynn Fuelberth! Brynn has been serving with Conservation Nebraska’s AmeriCorps Common Ground program since January 2023. She enjoys learning new things, meeting new people, and spending time outdoors. On your average day, you can catch her riding her bike around the Lincoln trails.

Growing up, Brynn spent lots of time with friends and family in the outdoors around Nebraska. Her love for this led to a deep caring of the environment, and as she finished high school, she chose to live and advocate for a more sustainable lifestyle. 

As college began, Brynn found herself feeling lost in what she wanted to in the future. Her freshman year she was undecided, and as the pandemic came, she continued to feel a disconnect with the expectations put on her. Quarantine opened the doors to spending a greater amount of time in the outdoors though, deepening her connection with the natural environment. Her sophomore year, Brynn decided to apply to work at the Outdoor Adventures Center on campus. This was when that feeling of unknown finally started to reside. 

The next year was characterized by discovering a passion for the outdoors that dove to a deeper level. She declared her major as environmental studies, and began leading trips around the Midwest. It was amazing to be surrounded by like minded individuals, and it helped Brynn to understand what her future goals were better: helping to give people opportunities to experience the outdoors, advocating for the future of it while doing so.

As she rounds her last semester at UNL, Brynn wanted to get involved in the Lincoln community working with the environment, but in a different way than her past experiences. Serving with AmeriCorps gives her the opportunity to apply the knowledge she has gained through her classes and connect with her hometown in a way that is important to her. She hopes that through this role, she can continue to spread information about the environment to open people’s eyes to the opportunities, connection, and value of it.