Conservation Nebraska protects our state’s natural legacy by educating the public, supporting communities, and increasing civic engagement.


Conservation Nebraska educates the public, media and elected officials about important conservation issues.


We work to mobilize a diverse network of people to engage in public policy.


We empower Nebraskans to protect their natural resources through locally-led community organizing.

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Our Staff

Eliot Bostar
Executive Director

 Maggie Montoya

Development & Outreach Manager

Chelsea Johnson
Deputy Director





Amanda Gangwish

Program Manager

Amanda Callaway

Program Manager

Lindsey Bremer

Southeast Conservation Director

Grant Harrison

Southeast Conservation Director

Eric Davis
Central Conservation Director
Elysia Olguin

Southwest Conservation Director
Eric Garcia

Central Conservation Director
Misty West

Northwest Conservation Director

Our Board

Brian O’Neal

Board President



Mike Ayars

Board Director



Eric Johnson

Board Treasurer



Diane Lally

Board Secretary